This is my first newsletter, as such, for my website As it is my first, I would like to share it with you my ‘test’ market in the hope that I will (a) keep you informed with what I am doing and (b) say hello to each of you in the process! Ok, perhaps it’s cheating a little to send a blast email but in this day and age with so much happening all the time, it’s my way of creatively staying in contact. I’m determined to keep this first newsletter simple and straightforward for your sake and for mine.



I like to think of life as a process, unfolding in amazing ways leading to as yet unknown places. I get a lot of pleasure from watching life unfold while experiencing it at the same time. As I recognize the process, the peaks are extra sweet as I know they are fleeting and the valleys don’t seem as low as they used to be when I fought against the flow of my own life. This process SO excites me! As is everything in my life, the development of the Education Industry Exchange has been a process. February 10 marked 5th year anniversary of being live on the internet. Setting up a website is not that easy. Ok, the mechanics are there which help technically but actually setting up your own website means you need to put yourself out ‘there’ for everyone to see, and it somehow forces you to define yourself. Creating a logo from scratch is much the same. I have been fortunate enough to have had lots of help along the way. Thank you to those who have been part of the process- you know who you are! From the colour choice to the graphic design, the shapes and sizes and the positioning of the words, through ‘market research’ also known as feedback from friends to revamps, tweaks and periods of waiting for inspiration. It is with pleasure and a sigh of relief that I bring to you my new logo for!


I love to collaborate. I love being part of a team and sharing ideas and (the best) parts of each other. I realize I have been doing this in one form or another all my life. I’ve always been attracted to blends – blending cultures, people, ideas, schools of thought and laughters. There seems to be a richness and wonderful depth of experience that comes when we acknowledge and are open to receive our differences while celebrating these differences through fusion. I am not in a mission to homogenize our society as I fully appreciate the benefit of maintaining individuality, however I give credence to the multiculturalism in our midst. The fact of the matter is we learn from each other and with so much outside input constantly at our fingertips, how can we avoid blending different aspects of ourselves with society and vice versa? On the events page on the you’ll see my collaborations so far are steeped in my belief and passion for fusion and blending. Please feel free to pass details of these events to whomever you feel can benefit from them.
If you are reading this now, thank you for being part of my newsletter “test” market. Believe it or not, I’ve been thinking about writing this for months but only now have I felt the timing is right. Who knows why? Life continues to unfold and the reasons may or may not appear in time. What matters most is I’ve enjoyed the process!
Our Motto: Together Without Barriers
Good to know you All!

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